Our company was founded by Chris Wharton, a former firefighter and hazardous materials technician, who served in support of US military missions overseas. His fire career ended when, at 40 something, he met his soon to-be bride and moved from Kuwait to California.

When Chris left the fire service his first intent was to follow his other passions: adventure sports and paragliding. He founded Basecamp-Expeditions and he initially intended it to become an adventure sports utopia offering catered events to those who like to jump off mountains.

This all changed in 2011 when a devastating earthquake struck Japan. Chris responded and realized his work as a full time responder was far from done. The direction of our company changed, the name stayed.

Upon his return from Japan he was determined that more people needed a disaster plan and that everyone should have disaster supplies. He was shocked to see the kits being sold online.  He tested kit after kit to discover they were generally a collection of tools that were cheap and highly likely to fail in an emergency. So...

He developed a class that showed students how to build robust and reliable tools from items found in most homes. 

Chris has helped to develop disaster responder training that focussed on everything from responder culture to basic responder safety proceedures. Along with a disaster chainsaw safety class for responders that is still in use today.

He has responded to disasters both here in the States (tornadoes, floods, storms, landslides), and overseas (earthquake, typhoon, tsunami and ensuing nuclear meltdown).

After Typhoon Yolanda and his exposure to the human suffering that followed, his commitment to bring populations at risk a new and usable tool to prepare them to face anything and everything an emergency can throw at us, was reinforced. 

Chris now travels to clients large and small and instructs them on how to prepare in a simple, sane and affordable manner for major disasters and every day emergencies.