Chris has left an indelible mark on the training and culture of Team Rubicon. His passion and enthusiasm for disaster relief is matched by his encyclopedic knowledge of the trade. I highly recommend Chris and Basecamp Expeditions for your emergency preparedness needs.
— William McNulty. Cofounder & CEO, Team Rubicon Global
Chris Wharton is one of the most passionate instructors I have ever met. He is deeply committed to his mission of preparing others for disaster, and his innovative approach to personal preparedness is unlike any I have ever seen. He is a true survival guru.
— Ken Harbaugh, COO, Team Rubicon
Chris Wharton has a vast knowledge in disaster response, recovery, and preparedness. Chris’s passion for the safety of others is evident in his presentations. Chris is honest about what products are needed and what products are just gimmicks to take money from people that want to do the right thing. I would recommend Basecamp Expeditions as your go to source for no nonsense, and practical training.
— Todd T. De Voe MPA, Emergency Preparedness/Asst Men's Lacrosse Coach, Concordia University Irvine
I just returned home from your presentation at West Park Village in West L.A. Your presentation was very practical and to the point. I appreciate the honesty in which you talked about what could really happen in an emergency here in Los Angeles.

Thank you for giving suggestions concerning items needed for an emergency and stressing that we need to think outside the box and yet be realistic in assembling emergency kits—tampons, whistles, food items etc. Survival depends on our ability to be creative in a dire situation.

I think you touched upon something very important, and that is one’s mental state of mind, of not focusing on the negative but have hope in a practical way, playing a harmonica, having a pack of cards, remembering to pack a few goodies in with survival foods etc. Affirming life in the midst of disaster.
— Wanda Lamarre, Mariners Village
I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the very informative Disaster Readiness class. Your real life examples, and experience brought a level of realism that you don’t normally get. Most of the time classes are taught by people who probably never even slept in a tent, let alone been in anything like a real disaster. And your mantra “Make your kit personal” may sound simple, but was one of the most important, but oft missed concepts in disaster readiness.

As I mentioned I do quite a lot of backpacking and also believe in being prepared and have been working towards that for myself, and my family for the last couple years. I have taken a couple classes, and have done research. I feel that I have done okay, (there is always room to improve), but taking your class brought to my attention two items that I had not paid enough time on;

1. I did not have a full disaster kit in my truck. I had a few things, but you brought to my attention that we spend most of our time away from home at jobs, running errands and other things so I need to make sure I have what I need close at hand. You brought up a great point that depending on where I am it could take a couple days or it might not be possible to get home to my supplies.

2. I did not have a proper first aide kit. Sure I had one of those pre-packaged ”paper cut” kits you buy at the store but not one that could actually save a life. With the information, and demonstrations that you provided I learned what to buy, and how to use it. I hope that I never have to use this information, but if I do I know it will allow me to have a chance at saving a life. A life which could be mine or someone I love.

Most importantly I want to thank you for the impact your class had on my mother. Until your class I was the only disaster survival information and supplies for my parents. I have been slowly “storing extra camping gear” at their house so that there will be most of the basics there. After your class my mother has been diligently collecting more items to better prepare. We also have long discussions now about possible situations and how to resolve them.

She has even said that she feels better and stronger with the information she received in your class. This has taken a huge weight off my shoulders because now I know that if for some reason I can’t get to my family right away, they will be okay.

Thank you again.!
— Sean Forge, Lake Forest, CA
Chris Wharton and the team at Basecamp Expeditions provided our company with an unparalleled disaster training. Chris is an engaging and passionate presenter, managing to impart the severity of survival situations while keeping it light-hearted, exciting and fun. His holistic approach to survival was both refreshing and eye-opening. I left this training feeling confident that if I practiced Chris’ skills I’d be able to survive anything the world threw at me.
— Jesse Hill, Property Management Assistant
Chris is a passionate motivated instructor when it comes to emergency preparedness.
He is capable of providing training in a variety of venues and environments as he uses
multiple teaching techniques to engage students or participants so they can learn to
prepare and take care of themselves.
— Marc Melissas, Emergency Preparedness Consultant, City of Stanton, CA
On Sunday August 21,2011 you and Lisa came to my home at “Villa Vicente” in Los Angeles and gave a 3 hour seminar on “How to Prepare for the Worst When Disaster Strikes.” My neighbors and I were blessed that the management at Villa Vicente had the foresight to bring your company “BASECAMP EXPEDITIONS” to inform us the proper way to prepare for a disaster. We all learned a lot we did not know, especially the information about the Trauma Kit, Signaling and the Tools we need in the event of disaster.

Thank you again. I plan to pass this information along to my family and friends.

Much success to you and your company.
— Emilie Marie Blake, Villa Vicente, Los Angeles, California
Thank you for the education, wisdom and experience you taught us this week on surviving a disaster. Today I made my first ‘bugout-bag’ / survival bag and took a photo of the contents and the bag once it was stuffed. I also uploaded my personal identity to a safe online site in the case for future reference upon asked. Like you said, I hope to never use this.

Thank you again for all that you taught us!

God bless you
— Jenn Chatham, Mariners Village
You won’t believe how UNprepared you probably are to survive a disaster! I walked away with pages of notes and a well formulated plan. Thank-you Basecamp!
— Valerie Sargent, Long Beach CA
Extremely important & valuable information presented in an interactive format. I now have practical, valuable knowledge for which to prepare for any disaster.
— Debra Osborne, CA
I left the course knowing I would be prepared for a natural disaster. The course was in depth and very informative.
— Tracy Natalie, CA
Chris, you SAVED MY LIFE today! I now find that everywhere I go I am on the “hunt” for survival gear. I LOVE it! I love all the gadgets and tricks you taught me today. I feel MUCH more confident now knowing that I CAN SURVIVE! I’ll be in touch about hosting my own survival party. MASSIVE hugs and THANK YOU for saving my life today.
— Natalie Pitrello Becht
Chris Wharton helped prepare and teach a chainsaw curriculum for use of the chainsaw in a disaster zone. The focus was on instructor development. Most of the people in the class had a variety of experience behind the throttle of a chainsaw. Some were brand new, others veteran users.

The class focused on safety while helping those with less experience get more confidence with the curriculum and the tool. Chris focused on the small things such as wrapping a thumb or wearing PPE. Operating a chainsaw is often one of the deadliest professions in the world, this could be modified by attention to detail and being more situationally aware. Chris focused on this heavily. He also took a direct interest in the class and let the class have a say in the curriculum development which is huge due to the volume of experience that this class had.

He realized that in the world of disasters very few things can be set in stone but instead it is important for disaster responders to be able to adapt and help those in need. The best way to do this was to create a “a living document” this is what Chris did, allowing each expert to contribute to the finished product.

As for instructor development the cadre was broken into small groups where individuals were given the curriculum to teach to those who are knowledgeable and sometimes even those with zero throttle time like support staff or the cooks, teaching them about the tool and different cutting techniques, safety and teamwork.

Chris Wharton had extreme vision for the curriculum and the cadre and I have worked with him since that class on an actual disaster he was still giving me pointers on how to better instruct based off of my personality and back ground. He did this by not only observation of my techniques on the tool but also during many late night conversations after the shift has ended costing him much needed to sleep but thus was his desire to see his pupils succeed.
— Ben Henry, Wildland Firefighter
Firstly, thank you for the excellent and very informative seminar at Mariners village Marina del Rey, I will most definitely mention your website to other friends.

Thanks once again!
— Jenn Gotzon, Mariners Village
Your class was AWESOME! Apparently I am not alone in my lack of knowledge and thirst to know more!

Nancy and I went shopping today and found a few items and both of us have begun to build our disaster kits…I have water in my car and tomorrow morning will be taking my infantile disaster kit to my car.

The biggest thing I got from all the information you offered was that I will be okay now…I know how to survive even if it may be minimal I will be better off than most. I feel more confident.

Thank you for all your hard work and the presentation was fabulous!
— Kristy Sakal & Sienna, Lake Forest CA
Being prepared is a must in California and Chris has given me the tools I need. Great program.
— Valerie Kunz, CA
Basecamp Expeditions’ visit to my apartment complex was an eye-opening and life-saving experience. Chris has several years of training and experience. He shared his expertise with us with wit, style and most of all down-earth knowledge and common sense. As long as we follow the advice, information and life-saving techniques he imparted, our lives will be saved when a disaster strikes.
— Jennifer James
I first met Chris when we both worked as firefighters in Kuwait. As a supervisor, I was always happy to have him on my crew. He tackled any task with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. Chris’ “outside the box” thinking, as well as his calm approach to any emergency situation quickly established him as one of the best firefighters in the department.
I am confident that Chris will continue on his commitment to being the best and lead Basecamp Expeditions with the same professionalism and enthusiasm.
— Don Forward